When it comes to the world of colored gemstones, their color remains the number one reason why certain gemstones are preferred over others. All other factors such as hardness and gloss usually have secondary importance.

Speaking of colors, blue is the majority’s favorite color. The blue gemstone is automatically one of the most popular of all colored gemstones. However, there are many variations of blue gemstones to choose from the official site.

Blue sapphire

Of all the blue gemstones, blue sapphire is perhaps the most popular and also the most beautiful of all the blue gemstones. As it has earned a respectable position. It is also one of the twelve precious stones on Aaron’s breastplate. 

Blue diamond

Colored diamonds are coveted gemstones because they have all the amazing properties like brilliance and fire for which diamonds are most famous and have even the most stunning colors. Blue diamonds are very rare and therefore require a high price.


Tanzanite is proudly called the gem of the 20th century and boasts a unique purple-blue hue. This gemstone is relatively new to the gemstone world and was only discovered in 1967. 


A beautiful stone, the color resembles seawater. It is another beautiful blue gemstone. Aquamarine belongs to the same gem family as emeralds and is a symbol of friendship and love.