A Volunteer is a person who works for the welfare of the people in the community. Mostly a volunteer works individually. However, some work in groups as well. A volunteer background check is essential for those who work individually and are not affiliated with some non-profit organization. Volunteers are not paid for the services they render. They work out of self-motivation. 

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Volunteers are required in several working sectors like hospitals, schools, health centers, orphanages, old age homes, and rehabilitation centers. 

But you cannot trust anybody. Even a person who comes to provide volunteer services might be having some hidden motives. He/she can be a criminal under the garb of a social service provider. Before getting services from them, you need to gather all the information about the volunteers you are approaching.

There are several organizations that provide you the service of volunteer background checks. These organizations have a list of volunteers who work in different fields and also have their personal, social, professional, criminal, medical, and sexual abuse/offense records. 

A background check will ensure the safety of your children, parents, or other people around you. Some convicts or criminals, after committing a crime go into hiding and join some social institution disguising themselves, so as not to get caught by cops. Such elements can be dangerous for a peaceful society.

So, It would be wise of you to get the volunteer background check before assigning them a job. There are several volunteer organizations on the Internet that provide reliable and affordable volunteer services. They provide all the details of the volunteers. This way of hiring volunteer services is far better than getting help from an individual or privately working volunteers.