A lot of men and women see drug addiction as a disorder that requires recovery. Many people experience chemical abuse which destroys and ends their lives.

The legalization of medical marijuana, however, has been treated as using medical marijuana to deal with untreatable and uncontrollable diseases and pain. You can also read interesting cannabis medical uses from http://pot50.com/category/medical/ to know about more medical uses of marijuana.

Researches have been made to determine that medicinal marijuana can be used to deal with drug addiction.


Anxiety is the main motive behind why individuals find drugs as a pain-relieving choice. Opioid substances such as heroin are often easily accessible and prescribed to the patient. In reality, these medicines should be consumed when prescribed for shorter time intervals by the physician’s prescription.

Nonetheless, nearly 90% of the patients consume them without the doctor’s prescription. Many people have these drugs more than the prescribed quantity. The overdosage of drugs, therefore, makes the patients have tolerance to the consequences caused by the opioids.

Later, the sufferers find the need to raise the dose creating a dependence on the medication for pain relief.  Regardless of this, the studies do not identify buds having any sort of addictive properties. The long-term effect of marijuana on the body is still unknown.