In internet marketing, everyone says “money is on the list”. Email list, ie. Why is this? Can’t I just do direct selling on my website? Sure you can. But if you were to create an email list, you would have to wait to hear a very interested group of people hear what you had to say!

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How to Build a Targeted Email List

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Getting your sales to convert takes a lot of work, and of course, you need traffic. Sending traffic to your sales page can achieve a small conversion rate of around 1-2%. But this means that 98-99% of your hard-earned money goes away … forever!

Hey, that is nearly EVERYBODY! And you’ll never hear from them. But when they left your website, you had a method to capture their email address, and then you’d begin to construct an email listing. An excellent email list, since you know that they clicked on your connection to learn more, so they’re definitely interested in your subject.

This listing you’re building is an extremely targeted email list, since you already know that they have a fantastic interest in your subject, or else they would not have come this way by clicking. That’s the reason you don’t ever need to simply “buy” a mail listing.

This type of targeted email list will be more inclined to listen to everything you need to say. And since you caught their email address, you’ll find that opportunity to communicate with such individuals over and over.

This is where the key comes from: Now you have an email list, it’s extremely important how you handle those individuals. Do not just pitch them – they’ll immediately jump off your listing.

Assembling an email listing of “relationships” takes some time, but it’ll be well worthwhile. Just remember they’re actual people, like me and you. Really speak to them and provide them invaluable info in your email address.