Air compressors have become one of the most essential tools in today’s times for industries, workshops, garages as well as homes. They are highly demandable in the market and come in a large variety of sizes as well as user- friendly models.

If you want to choose a suitable compressor for industrial or commercial use, before choosing you must do the air compressor test via which is known asluftkompressortest via in the Swedish language).

Here are two types of basic air compressor which help you to make a better understanding before choosing:-

Positive Displacement Air Compressor:- In this compression, the air is drawn into one or more compressor chambers from the inlet and mechanically reduces the volume of the chamber through motion until a set pressure is reached. Then, the valve opens and the air is discharged into the outlet system. There are several positive displacement air compressor types: rotary screw, rotary vane and piston. 

Dynamic Air Compressor:- In this compressor, it works at a constant pressure and categorized based on their axial or radial design. The performance of dynamic compressors is affected by external conditions, such as changes in inlet temperatures.

These compressor types are principled on the fact that air is a natural, safe, clean, convenient and flexible source of energy which can be used in different applications where continuous flow of fresh air is required.